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The gastric band procedure is not always appropriate for everyone; it is usually limited to those with the highest BMI and not suitable for some people due to the anaesthetic risks. Other people may be put off due to a fear of hospitals or the length of time it may take to recover. On top of this it can be complicated and risky and often leads to discomfort and many unpleasant and painful side effects.
Over 80% of patients will experience one or more of the following symptoms;
•Nausea and vomiting
•Reflux or regurgitation of food
•Slipped band
•Obstruction or blockage
.•Constipation.•Diarrhoea.•Difficulty swallowing.
Additionally, there is the price – to have a gastric band fitted it can cost around £7,500 (price correct at time of writing) and it does not offer a miracle solution – lifestyle changes must be made to reap the full benefits.

Hypno-band Band
Alternatively having an imaginary gastric band fitted during hypnosis is an ingenious way to help overweight people shed the pounds without undergoing any of these dangerous and expensive procedures.
Please call 07947609970 or email leaving your phone number now. So I can check if this treatment is suitable for you, and make an appointment for a FREE no obligation consultation.

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